Celebrities Who Love Golf

Golf is a sport that has attracted many celebrity fans over the years. From politicians to actors to pro athletes, there is something about the challenge and peacefulness of golf that keeps bringing famous folks to the course. Here are a few of the biggest celebrity golf enthusiasts.

One of golf’s most famous political fans is former President Barack Obama. Even during his time in the White House, Obama could often be found sneaking off to hit the links on weekends. Some of his favorite courses include Andrews Air Force Base, Farm Neck Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard, and Mid Pacific Country Club in Hawaii. Obama has said the thing he’ll miss most when leaving office is the golf.

In the acting world, one of golf’s highest profile fans is keen player Bill Murray. His love for the game runs so deep that Murray even caddied at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, carrying for pro D.A. Points who credited Murray’s calming presence for helping him win the tournament. Murray also helps organize and participate in celebrity tournaments like the Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament.

From the music industry, Alice Cooper has emerged as a serious golf addict. The rock star holds tournaments in cities he tours in and plays almost daily when he’s not on the road, boasting an impressive 5 handicap index. Cooper loves talking golf so much that he hosted a radio show focused entirely on his two passions – golf and rock music.

Pro athletes across many sports like Tony Romo, Oscar De La Hoya and Vince Carter are obsessed with golf, but no one can touch legend Michael Jordan’s love for the game. Jordan invests heavily in courses, hosts and sponsors several celebrity events, gambles huge sums money of friends’ games, and is rumored to be a stellar trash talker on the course.

So whether they’re politicians, actors, or all-star athletes, plenty of famous folks just can’t get enough time out on the course. Golf seems to offer the perfect chance to get away from stresses of life in the spotlight. With its relaxing pace combined with the intense challenge to master, it’s no wonder golf has become the celebrity hobby of choice for staying grounded while still competing.

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